Athlete Testing and Rehabilitation

Used by Athletes and Practitioners.

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For a short time, we’re launching an exclusive program for professional sports teams, practitioners and athletes to be the first to use our devices. Apply to be the first to experience the next generation of Rehab and Testing.

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Measure exercise with precision

Our vision has always been to create an easier way to precisely measure exercise. We created the intelligent way to use the force we generate in exercise and put it into a design that makes perfect sense.

Each block is a measure of your session. The Force you generate and the Total amount you do is taken from the sensor and displayed on your device. It’s easy to step up your program with confidence. Meet the future of rehabilitation.

Realtime Feedback

Watch in realtime and measure every push, pull, rotation, lift or hold on your device. Choose precision feedback the way you like it. Reach your target with colour or go for finer detail. The power is in your hands.


Left = Right? Take a moment to see how you compare. Symmetry in one tap.


No more guesswork on manual muscle tests. Test you athletes and keep track of benchmarks, rehabilitation progress and readiness to play.